Hey Everyone!

My name is Marci Tatham and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve officially joined the Living With XXY team as their newest board member and first ambassador! Check out my first YouTube video, where I introduce myself and put a face to the name (you may recognize me from a few social media appearances on Living With XXY). If not, HELLO! Nice to meet you.

A little bit about myself…

My husband and I live in Los Angeles, CA with our son, Jack, who turns 2 this summer. Jack was born with Klinefelter Syndrome (I tested positive in utero and his diagnosis was confirmed 2 weeks after his birth). Ryan was the first person we turned to when we learned about Jack’s diagnosis. Since meeting Ryan and getting involved with Living With XXY, we’ve taken a rather aggressive approach to meet all of Jack’s developmental needs during these formative years in his life. We’ve done early intervention, met with countless specialists, participated in the research, and opted for early hormonal therapy. At the same time, we’ve found a healthy balance between excessive medicalization and simply enjoying our thriving toddler. Jack is a bright light in our lives and for the people fortunate enough to know him. He is full of energy, full of personality, and never hesitates to wave endlessly to strangers.

As we navigate this journey one day at a time, our intent is to help other families by linking arms to create a better future for our community and for our amazing sons. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a medical professional or expert parent by any means. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve failed in our parenting or hit roadblocks during our quest for answers to an often confusing journey. What I can tell you, is that our early efforts, commitment to ongoing learning, and support from the community have propelled Jack in his overall development and launch to his amazing life ahead. We hope our videos and blog entries will provide a practical approach to raising a son with Klinefelter Syndrome and leave families feeling more empowered, supported, and inspired.

Thanks for joining along.

-Marci (Jack’s Mom)