The Creative Brains Of Our Community.

While Klinefelter Syndrome may look different for each individual living with it, one common bond these guys share is an incredibly unique brain. KS guys are often said to be creative individuals, visual learners, and right-brain dominant. While left-brain thinkers are highly logical and analytical, right-brained individuals tend to be more intuitive and think in terms of pictures and images. In the book “Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World,” the author suggests the following:

“Right-brainers can be creative geniuses. They may be naturals at art, music, or problem solving. They are spatial and three-dimensional in their thinking; they prefer drawing and creativity to writing and talking. They have a natural ability to hold images in their heads for prolonged periods of time, far-surpassing their left-and whole-brained counterparts in this area. For example, many architects and builders say they can “see” in their mind an image of the unfinished product long before it’s translated into a blueprint. Artists will report they can visualize exquisite details of a painting in their mind’s eye before they’re transferred to canvas” (Freed, M.A.T., and Parsons, 1997)

Living With XXY is pleased to present the below brains that make up our incredible community. The images represent a diverse collection of guys of all ages. Though they may be at different points in their journey, a creative brain is what each of them share. Through this coloring exercise, we hope to display the minds that make up this community. We have partnered with artist, Emily Blackmore, to create this downloadable brain sketch for individuals (or parents of young ones) living with XXY to visually display their strengths, talents, personality traits, interests, etc inside the jigsaw puzzle pieces.

To have either you or your son’s brain drawing displayed on the website, send a photo of your completed drawings to: [email protected]

Or on Instagram at: @livingwithxxy We can’t wait to share your art!