Living with XXY is changing the way the world views Klinefelter syndrome (47XXY). Focusing on community, awareness, and positive traits.

The stigmas of the past will not take away the voices of the future.” – Ryan Bregante


By providing helpful resources & sharing real life stories across the spectrum, we are inspiring individuals and families to reach and exceed their full potential while maximizing their quality of life.

We provide a platform for your voice to be heard, to build community, and to draw awareness into what living with XXY means, all while focusing on the positive traits. We are striving to serve as a bridge between medical professionals and our community, relaying medical information and providing real-life education.

As we share YOUR stories, we continue to change the face of Klinefelter syndrome for the world. And to equip our community to become their own advocates, to celebrate their individual journeys, and to create more smiles along the way.