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Kelsey was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome at 27 years old while trying to build a family. Kelsey talks about when doctors told him he would not be able to have kids

What high school like for Ryan Bregante and how he coped with bullying due to being a slow reader. Having an IEP and learning difficulties.

Ryan Bregante talks about growing up and going through grade school and middle school.   From bullying to believing in himself and self-advocating.

Andrew was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome at the age of 16 after waking up one morning saying his testicles were hurting. Several doctor visits later he found out why.

Richard and Rosalie Bregante share information on what it was like to raise their son who was born in 1985 when information for Klinefelter syndrome was very limited.

Geoff Kruck 42 years old, found out the hard way he had Klinefelter syndrome. When he got married to his wife, he didn’t have an overbearing desire to have children.

Evan Flores got married to Sabrina in 2010. After 4 years of trying to have a family, they decided to go in for testing. Evan was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome

All about nature, free play, and how it has helped Kat’s son Leo who is three years old and has XXY.   I began thinking over our journey and our introduction to Free Forest School.

Stefan was diagnosed with Mosaic Klinefelter syndrome in 1996 at 26 years old.  He has been a strong advocate. Here is his website.  We are glad to have him on the show.

Matt Tatham, the father of Jack (age 2) shares his journey of fully accepting and embracing Jack’s unique personality & interests.  Matt embraces Jack’s Klinefelter syndrome.

Marci Tatham, the mother of Jack (Age 2), talks about Jack’s early intervention and her family’s overall approach to raising their son with Klinefelter syndrome.

Mike Christoff found out he had Klinefelter syndrome at 27 when he was trying to have kids with his first wife.  Mike has a BS in graphic design and works as a UX designer.

Angela and David Heyde were faced with overwhelming emotions as their doctor knew nothing about Klinefelter syndrome. They went to google looking for answers.

Cresta is the mother of Cole who is 2 years old and was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome thru a NIPT. She decided to change her career  to become a genetic counselor.

Richard who was diagnosed at the age of 16 is now 71 years old. He started delivering newspapers as a teenager. With a degree in business he worked his way up to become a CFO.

Brett Jones 24 years old and his mother talking about what it was like for Brett to get diagnosed in High School at 17 years old. April knew something was up when Brett was in the first grade.

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