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Klinefelter Syndrome and Male Infertility

Finding hope and undersanding through challenging times. You are not alone

Having Klinefelter Syndrome does not mean your hopes of fatherhood or parenthood are impossible to achieve.

“It’s an invisible thing; you can’t see when someone is infertile. It’s an invisible burden they’re carrying with them.” Luke Breard

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Scott Stapley got married in 2013, and two years later, after trying for kids, he and his wife realized they needed to get tested. After a sperm sample yielded nothing, Scott went to a urologist who recommended genetic testing. Finding out he had Klinefelter syndrome; he tried Micro-Tese surgery shortly after.

Nathan Johns started trying for kids around 28 years old. After trying for over a year and nothing, he went in for testing. He was told he had a low sperm count and low testosterone, but no further testing was done. After his first marriage failed he met his second wife with her knowing he couldn’t have kids. Nathan ended up using embryo adoption and later learned he had Klinefelter syndrome.

Charlie Plaisance got married when he was 27 and felt old enough to start trying for kids immediately. After trying for some time, he and his wife decided to get testing done. After giving a sperm sample, charlie learned he had three immobile sperm and later found out he would be diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY).  Charlie and his wife ended up trying Micro-Tese and IVF, which was a success.  They are three amazing and unique kids and their family is complete for now.

Ted Clark was concerned about the size of his testicles when his girlfriend, a nurse, said they appeared smaller. Going to the doctor with his concerns, his doctor said there might be a tumor in his brain suppressing the growth. After ruling that out, more testing was ordered, and Ted discovered he has Mosaic Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY). Ted shares the details of his fertility journey. After a successful Micro-Tese and IVF, he now has a beautiful daughter.

Richard Martinez jumps right into sharing the details about his life while trying to have kids with his wife. Many questions came up on why nothing was happening. After a diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY), Richard and his wife went with donor sperm. Richard shares his personal experience about his diagnosis and why sharing your story matters. They have two twin girls.

Ryan Turesson is from Brisbane, Australia. In 2007, he was trying for kids with his partner. Nothing was happening, so she went in for fertility testing. Her tests returned, saying nothing was wrong. So Ryan went in for testing and later found out he had Klinefelter syndrome. Learning he was sterile and couldn’t have kids was devastating, sending him into a dark depression. They decided to do donor sperm since adoption in Australia is extremely difficult. Ryan is now a father to two unique and wonderful boys

Jared Pike was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome nearly 10 years ago while trying to have kids. After trying for more than five years and multiple sperm tests, a new doctor suggested doing a Karyotype. With his wife’s support, Jared decided to take a year off from their fertility journey to process, understand, learn and grieve his new diagnosis.

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