What is Klinefelter’s confidence, you might be asking yourself? Did you know that most men with Klinefelter syndrome fall under the lack of Klinefelter confidence and believing in themselves?   Some say we are genetically pre-disposed to lack confidence.  Whatever the reason may be, here are some notes to help you help yourself to deeper understanding your own confidence and break away from that mold.  We are all unique in our own ways, and with a little more confidence, we can help each other.  #Livingwithxxy What is the fine line between confidence/cocky/ego.  Here is a great Metaphor:  A pitcher in MLB baseball has the ability to throw pitches where he wants around the strike zone.  He is confident in knowing he can perform under high amounts of stress.  “Knowing” he can do his job is confidence.  He crosses that line when he decides he will try and throw closer to the batter or even hitting the batter on purpose.   This crosses over into the cocky/ego area where he intends to harm someone in a bad way.    Thank you, Matt, for providing me with the understanding to share with all of you.   All of the descriptions below on Klinefelter confidence were created by men who share our condition. I took notes along with my own ideas to help others. What is Confidence?

  1. Believing in yourself even if everyone doubts you. 

  2. Confidence is when people believe in you, and you can just be yourself 100%—no feeling of judgment.

  3. How you evolve and what you are capable of.

  4. It depends on your environment on how comfortable you feel.

  5. Negative Ego with confidence = Bad

  6. What is the line of confidence vs. Arrogant?

  7. You can hear the confidence in someone’s “tone of voice.”

  8. Confidence helps get girls.

  9. Having the ability to fall and fail, get back up again, so you do not fall the same way again. 

  10. Stop Dreaming, and Just Do It.  (Nike is a successful company for a reason)

  11. I need to give myself more grace.  Give me more credit for my abilities.

  12. I know I am more capable than I allow myself to believe because my expectations are so high.

How do you measure self-worth?

  1. Please do what you feel is right, so the community is better than when you move on.

  2. It’s your choice to get out of bed and contribute to society or stay in bed and do nothing.

  3. How will my ripple effect work out in the long run?   Ripple Effect

  4. Making sure I keep making the next right choice in life. 

  5. How much I care for myself. Do you spend time working on yourself? 

  6. Love your neighbor as yourself—new perspectives.

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