People often ask how I live with the mindset to be an optimistic XXY knowing that I have Klinefelter Syndrome and XXY. Many years passed where I looked at the negative before the positive, and my life was and is still full of struggles. I look back on the years of doing the extra mile and extra work outside of school (it felt like I was always in school). The tutors, Sylvan learning center, hooked on phonics, thousands of flashcards while on family road trips, countless awkward doctor appointments, hours upon hours of being bullied, speech and OT therapy, the 10,000s of repetitions with sports to get the coordination and balance just right. Not to mention the process to try and gain weight, drinking ensures after every meal and drinking weight gainer protein shakes after breakfast.  I was really tall and unhealthy skinny in my younger years. Optimistic XXY mindset.

When I did it then I didn’t realize how it was going to have a profound benefit on me, but now as an adult, I am so thankful that my parents always kept my mind on the result; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even in the dark. Always showing me a positive mindset of never giving up when something gets too hard. For all the guys and parents struggling daily, keep your head up and work even harder at the things you hate doing, find the desire to be great, don’t let the anxiety and depression bring you down. Stay active and on the edge of your feet, always wanting to learn more. Optimistic XXY mindset. I understand the world we live in with social media, and people seem like they have “the perfect lives,” and people often compare their life to others that “look like they are having way more fun.” Put the selfie stick down, the GoPro away, and enjoy the moment for what it offers.

What makes you HAPPY? I learned this lesson back on my 30th birthday. I took a door off helicopter ride in Kauai, deathly afraid of heights, as many of you know. But I wanted to capture every part of my ride, with the camera out and the go pro on. At one point, I realized, enjoy the experience, and at that second, I turned the GoPro and camera off. Live in the moments, and most of all, Don’t live your life thru other people or for other people. For those of you who are looking for some more good information on x and y variations, please visit Denver Kids Clinic Ryan Our Podcasts.