Kyles XXY Story

My son Kyle was born healthy with no complications. He was a delighted, content baby. He was quite delayed with his milestones, and alarm bells began to ring as I had a teaching background. Kyle’s speech was also not where it should have been, but the doctors and teachers seemed to brush my concerns aside. At age 4, I urged my husband to have our son seen by a Paediatrician as my concerns were growing. At this point, I was giving my son omega 3 vitamins to help him cope with his day. He becomes overwhelmed quite easily when at school and tends to react before thinking.

The Paediatrician took blood and did a chromosome test on Kyle.

With Kyle’s initial diagnosis, I was distraught. It was a lot to take in, and I had never heard of Klinefelter Syndrome before. After the shock wore off and after doing some research, everything about my son’s XXY story made sense! We are now 6 months into his diagnosis, and I know he has a long journey ahead of him, but he has a family that loves him and will support him. He sees a speech therapist and an occupational therapist, and I’m helping him by doing extra fine motor activities at home. I’ve also told him he has XXY. He told me it made him sad. He is a bright boy, and he definitely knows he is different from the other boys. His circle of friends consists mostly of girls, which I don’t mind. The important thing is that he has friends!

We would have liked to know about my son’s condition earlier on, making it easier to understand the behavior.

 I couldn’t imagine my son any different from what he is. I love him so much! This is Kyle’s XXY story.

“Anonymous Mother”

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