Love is what keeps our community together, and one way we can show our dearest ones living with XXY, just how much we care for them.

Sure, flowers and chocolates are kind gestures for Valentine’s Day. But how about showing love in a different way—through a pledge of support to Living With XXY, an organization dedicated to investing in the lives of thousands of individuals with Klinefelter syndrome, 47 XXY.

Living with XXY is pleased to announce its first official fundraising campaign, (LOVE)ing With XXY! During the month of February, we will be honoring the ones we love by way of donations. If you’re reading this, there most likely is a special person in your life—a son, brother, grandson, relative, or friend deserving of honor and celebration.

Living With XXY, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, relies on the support of our community to uphold and carry out its mission & vision.

The mission of Living with XXY is to inspire people and families living with Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY). With a focus on the positive traits and successes of individuals across the spectrum, we will work to build a community through awareness, education, and support.

When you focus on the strengths and abilities of a person living with XXY, you enable them to succeed. We will do this through:

  • Providing a mentorship platform through which younger generations can learn from the experiences of others.

  • Working with school systems to put a face on theories in textbooks.

  • Partnering with therapists, counselors, and other professionals to provide resources and support which promote life and social skills.

  • Collaboration with medical professionals and researchers to explore shared positive traits.

  • Helping to erase the stigmas associated with Klinefelter syndrome so people can talk openly about their experience; and

  • Fostering positive interactions within our community to help people realize they are not alone.

With your love and support, we can both save and change many lives within this community. Here are the ways YOU can help make a difference:

  • Give Creatively!

(i.e., $14 for February 14th, $29 for the 29 days of February, $10 for each year of your son’s age, etc.  No amount is too small.)

To donate:

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Thank you for your love & continued support!

Warm Regards,

Ryan Bregante